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Christmas time is almost here! It’s time to decorate the house, the neighborhood lights are going up and you don’t have the time nor do you want to deal with the stress of doing it yourself. Installing Christmas lights doesn’t have to be a dangerous and time consuming task for you to worry about. Christmas Light Bros. can take care of all your Christmas lighting needs and take the stress off of your shoulders Whatever Christmas lighting needs you have, we can take care of you this holiday season. We install LED lighting and guarantee it to stay lit the whole Christmas season!

Our Christmas Light Installation Process

Christmas lighting service

Christmas Lighting

We provide all of the lighting for you! You literally don't have to do a thing! We provide the lights, the timers and extension cords! You no longer have to worry about finding one broken strand in your lighting right after putting up the lights. You'll never have to purchase lights again with our Christmas light installation service.

Christmas lighting service

Christmas Lighting

We promise to keep your lights up all season long. If for any reason at all your lights start to come down, by weather, by your children or by flying squirrels, no matter the cause, we will be out to your home within 24 business hours to have everything back up and working properly! This is our promise to you to keep your holiday stress free.

Christmas lighting service

Christmas Lighting

Once the Holidays have passed we will begin to schedule take downs as early as the first week of January. We use special clips that make the removal of the lighting safe on your home. We can quickly remove all the lights and you don't even have to be home while we're doing the work. We safely store all the lighting for you.

How is Our Christmas Light Service Different?

24 Hour Quote Requests

When you inquire about our service we will deliver a quote to you within 24 hours. We can come out in person or quote online.

Safe Secured & Insured

Our Christmas lighting service is safe and insured. We implement safe and efficient practices to care for your home.

Better Quality Service

Our Christmas lighting service uses only LED lighting that is safer for your home. LED lights shine brighter and save more electricity.

24 Hour Emergency Service

You don't have to worry whether your lights will continue to work for you after we leave. If a bulb goes out just give us a call!

Holiday Light Installation Temecula, CA

Our 24/7 Up Time Guarantee

No matter what, if your lighting begins to come down we will come out ASAP to make your lighting perfect again. Whether your kids, the wind or Santa Claus knocks down your lighting we will be there for you. Even if it’s late in the season when you call or email us we will schedule a time for a truck to come out to you to resolve the issue as fast as possible and free of charge. That’s just how we do business.

Holiday Lighting Murrieta CA

Our Money Back Guarantee!

If you’ve never used a professional Christmas light Installation service we know it can be tough trying to find the perfect company for you. You might be worried about receiving the quality of service that you expect. We understand and even appreciate these concerns. For this reason, we offer our services risk free to our amazing customers. We’ve never had one customer complain or ask for a refund because of the quality service we provide. So give us try risk free, we promise to make your Christmas lighting experience the best it can possibly be.

Christmas lighting service

Super Benefits of Using Christmas Light Bros

Christmas Lights Serviced To You

We provide all of the lighting supplies. We maintain and service the lights so you never have to worry about them

Christmas Lights Stored For You

You don't have to worry about keeping your lights safe or the labor involved in storing them in the attic and taking them back down. We safely store your lights in our facility.

Christmas Lights Guaranteed To Work

If your lighting starts to malfunction or the weather begins to compromise the attachments of your lights just give us a call. We will come out and service your home right away free of charge.

Christmas Lighting Discounts For You

We offer early bird lighting discounts. If you service your installation on our schedule before November 1st ask about our special pricing options.

Christmas Lighting Rewards Program

If you have any friends, family or weird uncles that could benefit from our lighting service please send them our way! As a way of showing our gratitude to you we would like to give you a $50 Amazon gift card or a gift card to a nice restaurant for you and your spouse to enjoy.

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