Christmas Light Installation
Menifee CA

#1 Christmas Light Installation Service From Menifee CA

Christmas Light Bros is your go to team for any Christmas light installations in Menifee and surrounding cities. As a top company in our town, we provide excellent Christmas lighting services. We provide professional grade lighting that you cannot buy at the retail stores. We ensure every customer that we will provide amazing customer service or your money back!  We provide Christmas lighting to residential as well as commercial clients here in Menifee. We can’t wait to meet you and provide to you an amazing Christmas experience. 

Our 3 Step Christmas Light Installation Process

Christmas Light

Our Menifee Christmas light installation first begins with a design consultation. We will make a design custom for your home as well as cut the lighting to fit your home perfectly. We will safely install the lights on your home in the most professional way!

Christmas Light

When you hire us to take care of your holiday lighting we do just that! Once we install the lighting we don't just walk away and leave you hanging. Maintenance calls are free with our service and we will come out to your home anytime you need us if a light goes out or falls.

Christmas Light

Once Christmas has passed we will come out in January or later if you prefer to begin taking down your lights. This is not an extra charge the take down service is already included in the project. Once we have the lights down we will neatly pack them away in our storage.

Christmas Light Installation Menifee CA

Christmas Lighting Services That We Provide

We provide numerous different lighting services for your home in Menifee or surrounding cities. What can we do for your home? Our most basic package includes lighting up all of your roof line. We will install the lighting to your gutters, tiles, or eaves on your roof. From there we will also light up the ridge lines on your roof creating for a more full and bright look for your home. If you’d like your landscape lit up we can provide that as well! We offer tree wrapping, as well as lighting shrubs and other landscaping. To get a free quote for your Christmas lighting project feel free to call us anytime!

Christmas Light Installation Menifee, California

We Can't Wait To Light Up Your Holidays

Every year Christmas Light Bros. provides wonderful services for the Menifee valley and we would love to serve your family next! Enjoy your Christmas season to it’s fullest and leave the hard and dangerous work to us! Our service is licensed and insured and we provide all materials needed for your project including: wiring, lights, extension cords, timers, clips and all other needed supplies to light up your home. All you need to do is click the call button or fill out our quick quote form. Sit back, enjoy some hot cocoa and get ready to have the best lit home in the neighborhood!

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